Red Signal Crayfish

It has been noted that there is an excessive amount of red signal crayfish in the lakes this year.

Please note if you catch a red signal crayfish we would appreciate it if you could please dispatch of them humainly.

They are a non native, invaisive species and NOT to be put back in the lake!  It is against EA Rules for them to be returned to the water.


KHV has been declared at a couple of fisheries within the South. Please ensure your nets are bone dry before being brought on to the fishery.

With the increase of the KHV virus we all need to take a few simple steps to protect our fishery.

Ensure All net, net bags,weight slings & protective mats are bone dry before being brought onto the fishery.

Dip all the above before and after use.

Leave ALL nets , mats etc in natural day light for at least 30 minutes before placing into the water. natural UV kills the KHV virus.