Guest Tickets

26th October 2019


Dear Members,


Guest tickets can now be purchased from Village Greens Farm Shop in Ockley in addition to The Blue Moon Cafe. The Blue Moon Cafe will be closed for a re-fit for two weeks in which tickets will need to be purchased elsewhere during this time.


OAS Committee

Weavers Pond

7th Aug 2017


Dear Members,


It is with regret that I have to inform you that Weavers pond on the village green has become almost unfishable.


It appears that in recent times somebody has decided to empty the contents of their fish tank into the pond. The tank contained a weed called Water Milfoil also known as Parrot Feather. This weed is a very invasive non native weed from South America. It can grow between 4 and 6 centimetres a day in up to 8 feet of water. A small fragment of the plant is all it needs to regenerate.


There is no way to destroy the weed. The committee have looked at all the options but there is not much that can be done. The best course of action is to rake or cut the weed and remove it. Members of the committee and concerned members of the club have been working hard raking and cutting the weed regularly over the last 6 weeks trying to keep the pond open for fishing. Their success has been limited.


The committee are monitoring the current situation and will keep the members updated as things progress.


If you decide to fish Weavers please make sure you kit is clean and dried before using it again.


Rob Wyatt.



OAS Committee

Red Signal Crayfish

It has been noted that there is an excessive amount of red signal crayfish in the lakes this year.

Please note if you catch a red signal crayfish we would appreciate it if you could please dispatch of them humainly.

They are a non native, invaisive species and NOT to be put back in the lake!  It is against EA Rules for them to be returned to the water.


KHV has been declared at a couple of fisheries within the South. Please ensure your nets are bone dry before being brought on to the fishery.

With the increase of the KHV virus we all need to take a few simple steps to protect our fishery.

Ensure All net, net bags,weight slings & protective mats are bone dry before being brought onto the fishery.

Dip all the above before and after use.

Leave ALL nets , mats etc in natural day light for at least 30 minutes before placing into the water. natural UV kills the KHV virus.


The club has been lucky to secure 2 exchange tickets with Loxwood & District Angling Society. Loxwood have approximately ¾ mile of the River Arun, 2 miles of the River Lox & about 3 miles of the restored Wey and Arun Junction Canal.

For those members who like a challenge & some true silver fish fishing this is a great opportunity, also a chance to fish moving waters.

The canal has very little boat traffic as it is still land locked from the other sections. The tow path is clear & level to walk. The rivers as one can expect are strimmed from time to time around the swims and fields can have livestock in.

All the fisheries have mixed bags of Roach, Rudd, Bream, Perch, Tench, Chub, Carp, Pike & oddments.

For those members who can remember, we used to do exchange tickets with Capel Royal British Legion before it was disbanded. Loxwood is a very small village club about 10 miles South of Ockley.

If you see a Loxwood member on our waters please make them feel welcome.

For further info & to book/collect tickets contact:

Rob Wyatt 01306 627471